April 26, 2021: I type a caption, share some photos. With a few taps, I tell the truth.

Montana, in a white t-shirt, jeans, white keds, and denim baseball cap embroidered with a rainbow, leans against a grey stone wall

In her book My Autobiography of Carson McCullers, Jenn Shapland writes: “To her husband, whom she married twice, Carson called her woman lovers “imaginary friends.” Her biographers called them traveling companions, good friends, roommates, close friends, dear friends, obsessions, crushes, special friends. I’m over it. I, for one, am weary of the refusal to acknowledge what is plainly obvious, plainly wonderful. Call it love.” After reading, I write in my own journal: “I think this is what I’m trying to get at…

Montana Rindahl

Montana is a reader, librarian, and dog mom. Any accomplishments are by the grace of God.

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